Strategic Plan

The E2E Council meets monthly to achieve our goals and has created a Strategic Plan to guide the work of the E2E Partners organization and the E2E P-16 Council. A summary of the plan is provided below:

E2E Partners’ Vision
We envision a bold future in which Coastal Bend residents place high value on an educated community and support quality education for all community members as the basis of a socially and economically thriving population.

Guiding Principles and Core Values

Collaboration.  Education, by its nature, is a community activity and responsibility. The purpose and goals of the P-16 Regional Council require the involvement of all community constituents providing leadership, direction and participation.

Cooperation. Although education is a community responsibility, it is natural for different elements of the community to be differentially vested in processes and outcomes.  The success of the community in determining the processes of and goals for educational enterprise will be determined in large part through a determined negotiation that pursues a community interest over an individual interest.

Integrity is consistency with purpose, plan and principle. The advance of organizational objectives can never be at the expense of principle or contrary to purpose of the committed plan of the community.

Excellence involves the pursuit of best practice informed by reason, science and experience. It is not an end state or based solely on a comparison with others, but rather a guiding principle that recognizes that excellence results from a constant pursuit of what is best.

Inclusion is seeking the success of all segments of the community through engagement in a collaborative and cooperative manner as a matter of integrity and excellence. Since the future success of any community is determined by the educational success of all its children and youth, it is important not to ignore or undervalue the potential that resides in every one of them.

Goals and Strategies
In support of the state’s higher education goal, that 60 percent of Texans ages 25-34 will have a certificate or degree by 2030, the following goals and strategies have been established:

Goal 1: Students will graduate from high school informed, inspired, and prepared for postsecondary education and careers.
Strategy 1.1 Promote alliances among educational providers to share effective practices in the improvement of student performance and elimination of achievement gaps.
Strategy 1.2 Examine various sources of baseline data sets to determine achievement gaps and develop solutions.
Strategy 1.3 Provide postsecondary and career information to PK-16 students and educators.
Strategy 1.4 Promote student enrollment in challenging courses, including college preparatory courses.

Goal 2: Coastal Bend families, organizations and businesses will collaborate on and promote educational success resulting in a thriving economy.
Strategy 2.1 Coordinate with stakeholders and organization leaders in the region to provide college and career readiness information and resources to families.
Strategy 2.2 Engage business leaders as partners in P-16 events and activities.
Strategy 2.3 Support the community-based center to connect residents with education and career resources.
Strategy 2.4 Develop presentations for use throughout the region on the work of the P-16 Council and ways business can be involved to improve educational and job attainment in the Coastal Bend.
Strategy 2.5 Collect and use data to drive decisions and create a compelling message about the importance of education to individuals, businesses, and the community.
Strategy 2.6 Develop seamless, guided pathways leading to postsecondary success and meaningful employment.